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ITALY / Milan: White leaves its Italian confines

June 27 2011

Thanks to a collaboration with Enk International, White is travelling to New York and China.

The important White Fair was recently concluded, its name having been changed this season from White Homme to White June. The visitors were presented with many surprises, such as the installation that brought art and fashion together, with which the White fair opened in Milan - ‘Origine by Antonio Marras’ – where the Sardinian designer presented his creative offerings in suggestive places like the Sacrestia and the Chiostro del Bramante, a UNESCO world heritage site. There were many new things for White, the event which also hosted an important press conference which announced the newly founded partnership between Massimiliano Bizzi, president of White, and Tom Nastos, president of Enk International, international leader in the organisation of events and fashion trade shows. With this, White will travel to New York, while Enk International will come to Milan during March 2012’s Fashion Week. The collaboration also extends to China, which is generating notable interest in the international fashion system. Enk China, held in Peking in March 2011, was very successful, registering 110,000 visitors. The huge American company will return to the Chinese capital from the 26th to the 29th March 2012, this time together with White.

Interview - Tom Nastos

Stefano Guerrini ©