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July 01 2011

A finalist at the latest ‘Who’s on next?’ menswear edition, the young Italian talent: Comeforbreakfast.

Two young designers with different backgrounds: Antonio Romano, who studied at the Polimoda di Firenza, and Francesco Alagna, a graduate in Industrial Design who studied at the Marangoni in Fashion Buying. Together they created Comeforbreakfast and if the former instils his artistic spirit into the line, each season suggesting inspiring prints which, since the label began, define themselves as a characteristic motif for the brand, the latter has the right commercial skills to develop and expand the label. Born in September 2009, in just a few seasons Comeforbreakfast has distinguished itself among new Italian talent, highlighting itself further in the latest menswear edition of ‘Who’s on next?’, where it ranked as a finalist. We met the label’s two founders to learn more about the project.

How was Comeforbreakfast born?

A.R. & F.A. I think it was born out of a desire to challenge ourselves, out of wanting to test our different skills and from that sprinkle of recklessness which pushed us to create a brand amid an economic crisis. In September of 2009 we presented a capsule collection at White Donna and things went well from thereon. Neither of us wanted to give our own name to the label and in a few hours we decided to pay homage to our favourite moment in the day: breakfast. It’s possibly the only time that we don’t spend talking about work, where we eat good things and enjoy ourselves together with our closest collaborators.

How would you describe your style?

A.R. & F.A. The aesthetic codes for Comeforbreakfast translate essentiality and simplicity – only outwardly. Behind each garment is an intense research, aimed at creating a modern fashion fit, through a balance of material, shape and detail which is studied down to the smallest particularity for an original Made in Italy concept. The style is young, metropolitan, but polyvalent, elegant, but comfortable, somewhere between basic sportswear and casual elegance, where traditional textiles like cashmere and silk allow us to experiment with versatile silhouettes, conceived to be united in a whole look or re-interpreted to suit individual styling. Comeforbreakfast is an evolution which expands unisex clothing with pieces aimed at the man and at the woman.

In your opinion, who is the buyer of your designs?

A.R. & F.A. We’re lucky to create a product which is aimed at a large target audience, therefore when we’re expanding our collection we’re only concerned with designing things that are original, beautiful and which respect our style. We feel lucky in concretising the idea that we have of a garment and therefore never bind it to a hypothetical target customer, we think that fashion is also communication and that reaching totally diverse people is a strong point.

From the success of t0shirts to a real and proper collection – why
did you choose this path?

A.R. & F.A. It was an expressive requirement, obviously at the start it was impossible to start as an independent brand with a complete menswear/womenswear collection. It was an instinctive decision, we knew what we would come across but it was all planned down to the smallest details. This is where we wanted to get to and we’ve managed that without the help from any investor. So we’re truly satisfied.

You were finalists of ‘Who’s on next? Uomo’. What was that like?

A.R. & F.A. It was a great pleasure to meet other young labels like ours, fundamental for our education to present the collection to a jury of such a high level, and above all beautiful to be invited to the 80th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence. They gave us advice, invaluable opinions for our project. To create a complete men’s look was a gamble that we won, we’re really satisfied with the result and happy with how things have gone since the competition.

Interview conducted by Stefano Guerrini ©