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FRANCE / Hyeres: Design Parade 6 - Winners

July 06 2011


Awards at Villa Noailles on July 3rd.

The jury composed of Stefan Diez, Saskia Diez, François Dumas, Lidewij Edelkoort, Marianne Goebl, Didier Krzentowski, Marco Velardi and Sebastian Wrong deliberated and awarded the winners of Design Parade 6.

The Grand Prix was awarded to two tied candidates. The jury first rewarded the work of variations on the electric kettle made by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, a research carried out on industrialization, mass production and craftsmanship. Then, the young Icelandic designer Sigurdarson Brynjar seduced the jury with a “tool light” that questions the typology of everyday objects, and proposes a new gesture.

The Prix du Public was won by Emilie Colin Garros for her collection of furniture designed around a simple process and a low cost. Chairs and tables folded from precisely incised metal plates, have captivated audiences at the Villa Noailles.

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