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THE NETHERLANDS / Cultural scene against cuts in funds.

July 07 2011
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Massive mobilisation of the Dutch cultural scene to protest against the reduction of the cultural bugdet.

The Dutch government is facing an important mobilisation of the cultural and creative scene after Parliament approved the decision to dramatically cut the cultural budget. At its peak, the planned reduction of funds should reach 30% of the current budget, jeopardizing the future of numerous cultural institutions.

Liberal prime minister Mark Rutte and deputy minister Halbe Zijlstra are willing to save 200 million on the cultural budget by reducing subsidies. This decision cuts the cultural budget more than any other, only concerned by a reduction of average 8%.

Protests are blossoming all over the country to respond to the calls of pro-culture led by figures of the Dutch cultural scene. The government has been surprised by the strength of this reaction but maintains its position.

Supported by international press such as Le Monde and New York Times, opponents want to to raise awareness of the international cultural community and are hoping to push the government to reconsider its plan.

Charlotte Dumoncel ©