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FRANCE / Paris: François Pinet, bootmaker to the elegant

July 11 2011

Book release

Hugues de Chivré editions publish a work on the bootmaker who revolutionised shoes for women in the 19th Century.

Rural France in the 19th Century was a country of country girls in clogs - heavy, hard on the feet, uncomfortable. In the city, people were trying to wear more sophisticated shoes.

There was a man who would relax the walk and, in doing so, the entire allure of women. His name was François Pinet. This son of a cobbler revolutionised the shoe; invented the sophisticated ankle boot; modernised the heel; launched footwear fashion in fact and worked with delicate and supple leather. Not content with dressing elegant Parisian women, he made the good footwear accessible to the petty bourgeoisie.

Within half a century, he created an internationally renowned and cutting edge company. He was ahead of his time in launching fashions as well as in innovating technical design. The same went for his studios. François Pinet put into place social reforms which could still make you dream...

Xavier Gille, François Pinet, bottier des élégantes, 1817-1897
Tourangeau la Rose d’Amour

Éditions Hugues de Chivré, June 2011.
ISBN : 978-2-916043-42-5, Price 25 euros.

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