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FRANCE / Paris: Camille de Dampierre at Modemonline

July 15 2011

Web profile

Discover the universe of fashion designer Camille de Dampierre, through her Modem Web Profile: portrait, biography, origins, images, marketing campaign and contacts.

The brand CAMILLE DE DAMPIERRE is a family story that started in January 2010 when two Parisian sisters, Laurence and Camille, got together enlightened with the idea of creating a fashion brand.

Camille is the artistic director while Laurence manages the brand and its development. They have two personalities contradictive but complementary. Camille studied fashion design at Saint Martins School (London), after which she continued at Istituto Marangoni (Milan) while finishing her studies at Studio Berçot (Paris).

Camille de Dampierre web profile