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FRANCE / Paris: 6,700 new photographs for the Centre Pompidou

July 13 2011

collection enrichie

The Centre Pompidou is getting ready to welcome a collection from Christian Bouqueret.

The cosmetics manufacturer Yves Rocher announced on the 9th July, at the same time as the meetings in Arles, that they had bought the collection. For his whole life, Christian Bouqueret, photography historian, strove to highlight photographers active in Paris during the interwar period.

According to Quentin Bajac, curator at the Centre Pompidou, “Christian Bouqueret’s input really completes our collection”, it adds surrealist pieces (Man Ray, Dora Maar, Claude Cahun) to the museum’s vast collection, but it also brings photographs from the Nouvelle Vision movement (Germaine Krull, François Kollar) or images or French photographers from the interwar period (Laure Albin-Guillot, Jean Moral, Emmanuel Sougez, René Jacques, etc.). The collection also contains certain famous images, like a photomontage of Raoul Ubac, Lampshade and Kiki (starfish), from Man Ray, Jacques André Boiffard’s Le Papier collant et mouches.

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