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Manish Arora

October 07 2011


Manish, you always put colors in your collections. For the spring summer 2012, it seems the message is on the air. Do you still feel like to put colors ? Why do you use colorblock?

M.A I come from India where we love colors. If you visit the country, you will find the most unnusual combinations of shades put into one piece that surprisingly looks amazing. The vibrancy and cheerfulness of colors has always inspired me and I try and incorporate it into my collections.

In which way do you feel closed with Paco Rabanne label you are now designing for ? What is your artistic direction ?

M.A My vision for the label are designs that are not time bound. They should be easily accessible to the modern woman. Its thinking beyond today but keeping in mind the woman of today.
The Paco Rabanne woman will know herself from inside. She is not a girl but she is not about age. She knows the ways of the world, can be out and about but still reach work on time the next morning. The lady is confident – not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Are you giving the way to new designers from India ? Who would you support in the next generation ?

M.A I have not been able to follow the Indian Fashion Scene very closely as I have been very tied up with mine and Paco Rabanne ‘s collections for Paris Fashion Week. But that said there is a lot of talents in India and it is a very exciting space to be in at the moment.

Told us about the ateliers you are working with?

M.A While my studio for Paco Rabanne is in Paris itself, the atelier for Manish Arora is in Delhi, India. Both places are poles apart in terms of work culture, infrastructure, size of the teams, manufacturing techniques, etc… A combination of the two would be the ultimate atelier to work in.


Interview conducted by Florence Julienne