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February 09 2012

The German publisher Gestalten publish a book on 15th February about Mathieu Lehanneur’s career and inspirations.

Within it the designer unveils the other side of the coin, his intellectual and visual approach. This book is atypical through its revelation of the path leading to the finished product: the book gathers photos which inspired, sketches, photos of processes, objects in context and immerses the reader into the very heart of the designer’s studio.

Mathieu Lehanneur is to date the only designer to have created his experimentation turf by drawing from the fields of cognitive, mathematical and biological sciences to gain forms and functionalities in stark contrast to ‘classical’ design: an air purifier using plants; ergonomic medicine; a children’s workshop at the Centre Pompidou; an ideal bedroom for insomniacs or an executive office in the shape of a brain gym... A unique approach which makes him a designer acclaimed for his ability to overcome the problems encompassed in design and structure and propose new scenarios.

This first monograph is a collection of more than ten years work through exclusive images and intervention from prestigious contributors. Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Paola Antonelli (MoMA) and Ross Lovegrove decipher the approach of a designer who is extraordinary but radically in his time, and they allow an appropriation of the object and its subject through the reader by means of words, drawings or photographs.

European publication: February 2012 (Worldwide publication: March 2012), 192 pages

© Mathieu Lehanneur, Copyright Gestalten CURRENT YEAR