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Pauw: A portrait

November 07 2013

Fashion Feature portraying the Dutch brand

Pauw is a Dutch family company that has been successful in the fashion industry for over 50 years. With a rich history and an aim to constantly evolve, the company now holds 29 stores throughout the Netherlands. Outside their own stores, Pauw is internationally available in selected cities such as New York, Milan, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

The Pauw collection is designed by Madeleine Pauw, daughter of the original founders. The collection focuses on two central ideas: i) combining the soft touch of feminity with a playful hint of masculinity and ii) combining the design and originality of the pieces with a flattering fit to the female shape. All the garments are made in the aim of emphasizing the strengths, features and beauty of its owner.

For the SS 14 season, the brand decided to show its collection at the Dutch Embassy, which matched perfectly with Pauw’s international activities.

How would you describe the brand universe?
Pauw: Understated and modern luxury.

What were the main sources of inspiration for the SS14 collection?
Pauw: The structure and touch of our fabrics, subtitle golden hues, natural tones.

Who is the Pauw customer?
Pauw: Those who value our quality of an understated luxury, those who want to feel strong yet feminine, those who look for a balance of modernity and elegance.

What are the future plans for the brand?
Pauw: A steady but foremost qualitative expansion of our brand internationally through select partners.

For further information, consult the mini-site of Pauw on