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Henri Myers - Coeur Tradeshow

October 29 2013

A Review on SS14 with the Co-Founder and Creative Director.

Dear Mr Myers

This seasons Trade Show, did you had a particular emphasize ? Any issue to highlight ? Or was there a certain leitmotif ?

Henry Myers - "COEUR Tradeshow is a curated showing of accessories, gifts, home and lifestyle collections.The emphasis is to keep the brand quality high and strictly focused on appealing to the top A and B level boutiques and Dept. Stores here in the USA and Internationally".

What do you think about the growing numbers of Trade Shows and Fashion Week's worldwide ? What does this evolution signifie to you ?

Henry Myers - "It is quite competitive these days with new shows popping up but we feel strong about COEUR and making our own way during the NY and LA market weeks. The growing trend of new shows signifies that there is a need in this industry to provide buyers and retailers with product that will appeal their consumers".

How do you perceive the position of your city on the international fashion market ? What is the particularity of your city as fashion center ?

Henry Myers - "For NY, the market is essential to brands looking to get their products out into the US market place. In LA, COEUR is making a strong name amongst buyers and retailers since there is only one other show that takes place during this time. LA is a strong market and is a good destination to take part in".

In your opinion, what is the impact of your Trade Show? What is your contribution to contemporary fashion business ?

Henry Myers - "With the start of COEUR, we are seeing a growing number of top buyers attending the show and using COEUR as their guide to discovering and buying the brands we feature. Foot traffic has increased and the presence of COEUR is showing that our curated focus on accessories, gifts, home and lifestyle brands are still items in demand".

In near future, what will be the next steps, do you have foreseen any particular projects, in terms of expanding your field of activities ? What can we expect ?

Henry Myers - "We will continue to grow COEUR in NY and LA market weeks and have plans to expand into one other market. We also have a few new partnerships in the works that will aid us in making COEUR a better show for buyers, our brands and those interested in a positive and uplifting experience".

Thank you very much for your time.


Your Modem team.