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In Conversation With...Designers & Agents

November 25 2013

A Review on SS14.

Dear Designers & Agents

For this seasons Tradeshow, did you had a particular emphasize ? Any issue to highlight ? Or was there a certain leitmotif ?

D&A was the first, and continues to be the show that presents the most highly curated and high caliber group of designers as well as providing a particular culture and atmosphere that D&A is known for.

What do you think about the growing numbers of Tradeshows and Fashion Week's worldwide ? What does this evolution signifie to you ?

We believe there is room for various trade shows provided that each show has a developed and particular point of view, and curatorial lens. If not the trade show is offering nothing more than real estate.

How do you perceive the position of your city on the international fashion market ? What is the particularity of your city as fashion center ?

Other than NY, Los Angeles continues to be the destination where retailers can count on finding the best level of established and emerging brands in the United States.

In your opinion, what is the impact of your Tradeshow? What is your contribution to contemporary fashion business ?

D&A was a major factor in revitalizing fashion week in downtown Los Angeles over 15 years ago. It's continuing focus on the young designer and contemporary market still ensures that D&A continues to be the number one trade show destination during LA Fashion Week.

In near future, what will be the next steps, do you have foreseen any particular projects, in terms of expanding your field of activities ? What can we expect ?

Our goal is to continue bringing the best talent from the international marketplace to LA. In addition we continue to remain focused on sustainability in the fashion arena. We are constantly evaluating and self-improving every aspect of our show from the smallest details that create the atmosphere of the show to the most important aspects, which are the retailers that attend the show and the exhibiting brands.

Thank you for your time.

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Interview by Cecilia Musmeci © Modemonline