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New York Magazine: "Introducing Health Goth, a New Lifestyle Trend"

May 01 2015

MODEM chose this article in order to highlight a new trend that has taken its toll on the fashion industry, and beyond.

After Normcore and Goth, the Health Goth is taking over the fashion realm. With witty humor, New York Magazine analyses the nature of this new underground phenomenon that rocks the gyms and the streets of the world’s top fashion cities. {{Allison P. Davis defines the trend as somewhere in between normcore, cyberpunk, goth, and sportswear. According to Davis, the trend has been kicking around since last Spring, but it seems to have entered the mainstream recently, “much to the chagrin of OG Health Goths over the world". By quoting the music and fashion label AM Discs, Davis defines the meaning of Health Goth as something that "relies on an anti-nostalgic dystopian present, refracting the Other by means of an exaggerated profile and tribal-aesthetics (…) Health Goth speaks to an intrinsic psychic connection with the elements, be they fire, water or fauna and the ability to incorporate ambient nature into the corporeal realm”. At its essence: wearing black, but also working out and eating right. According to Complex, Health Goth was born of the dark recesses on a Facebook page started by cool Portland musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott. They told the magazine that they were “attributing a name to describe a feeling that already existed”. In this sense, the Health Goth trend is not just a way of dressing, but classifies itself as a proper lifestyle.

Read the full story on the New York Magazine.

Picture courtesy of Photo Run.