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Hint Fashion Magazine: "Musing on Muses"

May 01 2015

MODEM selected this article in order to draw attention to the symbol of the muse, its legitimacy and value as a timeless and idealized source of inspiration in fashion and art.

"Muses are, in fact, borne out of memory, if one subscribes to ancient Greek mythology. They say that Zeus fathered nine Muses with Mnemosyne, who was memory personified," writes Hung Tran, a contributor for Hint Fashion Magazine, quoting Kate Moss and Isabella Blow, as influential muses, and citing Maureen Callahan’s book Champagne Supernovas. "Today our muses operate in stealth, their voices filling writers’ heads with curling prose, artists’ minds with sensational and swimming colors, and, for fashion designers, finer focus on who their customer is (or could be). Particularly for men who dress women, the muse is an illusory ideal, obscured in fanciful abstraction and roaming the endless corridors of time."

Read the full article on Hint Fashion Magazine’s website.

Picture courtesy of Hint Fashion Magazine.