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Sleek: "Curation as Conversation: One Step Ahead Moving Backwards at LEAP"

March 01 2015

MODEM selected this article to highlight the meaning and process of contemporary art curation today, in the context of the ever-growing influence of the digital world, and under the influence of our fast-paced, ‘we-want-it-now’ consumption society.

"It’s a wide-ranging conversation that covers everything from the validity of installation views such as those which accompany this article, to Kurzweil’s notion of the singularity," wrote Sleek contributor Josie Thaddeus-Jones, referring to One Step Ahead, Moving Backwards, an exhibition at LEAP, Berlin, based on a 14-page conversation exchange between curators Elisa R. Linn, Lennart Wolff and Hicham Khalidi. "To paraphrase, though, the conversation deals with layers of time: how the accelerationist world we live in creates both instantaneous and more process-fuelled interactions alike," she added. "We are all living outside of time somewhat, referring to an “immortal” time that the Internet both attempts and denies by its very changeability: think of Wikipedia – the ever-changing compendium of concrete fact.’It’s about seeing exhibitions as situations you construct,’ Linn says. ‘How social life accelerates and how this influences art production. This was the connection to LEAP and their progressive focus also.’"

Read the full article on Sleek magazine's website.

Picture courtesy of Sleek. Copyright IG Photography, 2014.
Luca Pozzi, Wall String #8, 2013, Tina Kohlmann, Mattak, 2014.