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Dazed Digital: "Artist Launches Fundraiser to Live 24/7 in Virtual Reality"

May 01 2015

MODEM highlighted this article in order to address the subject of virtual reality, and how it affects contemporary art and our perception of the world. 

In an attempt to question and challenge our perception of the world, and to analyze the ever-growing importance of the ‘virtual vs. real’ subject, Mark Farid, a London-based artist launched a fundraiser in order to see the world through somebody else’s eyes for 28 days - in an Oculus Rift-enabled reality. In fact, an anonymous person will wear a Google Glass type headset for a month non-stop, and transmitting what he sees straight to Farid. The whole procedure will be filmed and turned into a documentary by filmmaker John Ingle, in order to analyze "the construction of identities through culture and technology, and how digital mediators are affecting our behavior". "There is barely any space between online and offline life now; we live in different forms of reality within reality that are becoming more and more native to us," wrote Thomas Gorton, a journalist for Dazed Digital. "Are our personalities inherent or are they cultural identities created by external factors? Will Farid begin to lose his sense of self, whatever that means?"

Read the full article on Dazed Digital.

Picture courtesy of Dazed Digital / Mark Farid.