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i-D: "Maxxi Gallery and the Future of Contemporary Art in Rome"

March 01 2015

MODEM chose this article in order to highlight the current democratization of contemporary art, and how art curators can contribute to push the boundaries of regular exhibition concepts.

i-D journalist Nathalie Olah met Hou Hanru, the Artistic Director of of MAXXI Gallery in Rome, in order to discuss and highlight the purpose of an art gallery nowadays. "Contemporary art is booming and there are a lot of new museums, fairs and biennales but it has become so much about production. I wanted to know whether we could go back to the immaterial, which has very strong social and political significance," said Hanru during the interview, in regards to the gallery’s current exhibition, Open Museum Open City. "You don't need to understand art history or read lots of explanation to be able to experience and fully participate, and you don't need to patronize your audience either. That is something we want to change. The public are not stupid and they are not passive. Great art doesn't have to be difficult. We want people to be a part of the gallery, and we are changing the relationship between it and the people."

Read the full article on i-D’s website.

Picture courtesy of MAXXI Gallery Rome.