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Metropolis: "How Economic Bust Has Redefined the Value of High Design"

May 08 2015

In his article for Metropolis Magazine, Piero Lissoni, a reputed Italian designer, architect, creative director and founder of Lissoni Associati and GraphX, analyses the impact that the crisis had on luxury designer and design manufacturers.

In fact, Lissoni claims that since the crisis started almost a decade ago, Italian design manufactures have become more creative and efficient, as they "have been forced to expand their vision to look beyond their own borders" and thus “to actively seek out new energies from countries and markets far-flung from the factories and galleries of Milan or once considered to be incompatible with quality design" in order to find solutions to the financial challenges and to the sustainability of their respective business. Designers, for their part, had to fight a similar struggle and this enabled them to "distinguish themselves through a highly individualized sense of style and form".

Lissoni adds that the world's metropoles have also become more open-minded and sensitive when it comes to European made design, that developers have discovered a European sensibility, looking abroad for architects and designers to realize ambitious projects that often incorporate hybrid programs and features.

"The crisis has taught my own office to pull back and reassess our productive output," concluded the Italian architect and designer.

Read the full article on Metropolis Magazine.

Picture courtesy of Lissoni Associati / Metropolis. View on Lissoni's ONE Paraiso Tower on Biscayne Bay, Miami.