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Refinery29: "This Is What Non-Binery Fashion Looks Like"

November 06 2015

In his article for Refinery29, Landon Peoples gives a voice to Alok Vaid-Menon, a non-binary transfemme performance artist, writer, and activist from New York City, to which dressing up in the morning is a true act of survival. "For many in the trans community, choosing an outfit isn't just about communicating who a person is and how they feel on the inside," writes Peoples. "It's also about demanding that the people they encounter accept their identity in the face of trans violence and harassment.

In the video provided by the publication, Alok Vaid-Menon discusses what it means to challenge the gender binary with fashion, and what it means to be born a certain gender, but clothe oneself in a wardrobe assigned — arbitrarily, by society — to the opposite. "There is a material consequence to me presenting feminine, and there's not a material consequence to me presenting masculine," explained Vaid-Menon to Refinery29. "The minute I wear lipstick, or the minute I put on earrings, or the minute I’m wearing a skirt, my entire reality shifts."

Read Landon Peoples}'s full article and watch the video on Refinery29's website.

Picture courtesy of Refinery29.