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The Art Newspaper: “Quantity Now Wins Over Quality”

November 20 2015

According to Matthew Collings of The Art Newspaper the constant demand by dealers for new artworks to feed the art market has led even the most promising artists to overproduce. This is causing a shift in the quantity vs. quality debate, which now seems to favorite abundance over research and thought. To prove his theory, Collings cited the example of Jonas Wood’s show at the Gagosian Gallery in London. “In the past, he [Jonas Wood] has seemed to be sublimely in control of his visual languages and pattern-making, but here we see varieties of pattern-making that don’t cohere,” says the journalist about the artist’s latest works, while adding that this show exists “only because the market needs feeding.”. Overproduction is a complicated syndrome of today’s contemporary art market. Collings consequently asks: “Is having factory production of art necessarily an overproduction situation?”

Read (Matthew Collings}’s full article on The Art Newspaper’s website.

Too much, too soon? Shio's Studio on Palms (2015) by Jonas Wood