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Metropolis: "Designing Energy Reform"

November 27 2015

Metropolis highlights The Underdome Guide, a publication that interrogates architecture's role in the business, politics, and ideology of energy management.The 48 case studies in Erik Carver and Janette Kim’s book are organized into four chapters. These opening spreads represent the key strategy of each case study on a matrix, characterizing its approach and positioning its ideological framework.

‘The problem with sustainability, architect–academics Erik Carver and Janette Kim write in their new book, The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform (Princeton Architectural Press, 2015), is that it “defers to the invisible hand of the market and keeps its hands off Mother Nature.” But dealing with climate change requires a much more hands-on approach. Carver and Kim explain how architecture is central to these concerns, unpack the real meaning of resiliency, and find pragmatism in utopia.’

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Picture courtesy of Metropolis.