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In Conversation With...Stella Falautano

January 22 2016

A Piedi Nudi nel Parco is not only the title of a famous movie, but also the name of an important shop in Florence known also as -PNP. One of those places that can easily be defined a cult store, thanks to the very cool and important selection of brands. And during the PItti’s days in Florence there’s always the chance to be guests at some special evenings in which the staff of the shop present one of their brands.

At the latest edition of Pitti it was an evening with Goti. But this time the famous jewelry and accessories brand has presented a new adventure: Alchemico Goti, their new line of fragrances.
We decided to interview Stella Falautano, founder and owner of the shop, to learn a bit more about these special evenings at - PNP, and obviously Riccardo Goti, founder and creative director of the brand which bears his name, to learn more about Alchemico Goti. But let’s begin with Stella.

MODEM: Stella, at every Pitti’s edition, among the other events around Florence, a place to be are the successful evenings of A Piedi Nudi nel Parco. Could you tell us how do you choose the brands with which you organize these special events?
Stella Falautano: The brands participating in these kind of events organized by -PNP are already part of the brand- selection in our stores, so it is inevitable that there are some affinities, also some very strong ones.

Is it the particular cosmopolitan atmosphere that make you choose the days of Pitti for this type of events?
Stella Falautano: Clearly yes, Pitti days are the best time to introduce ourselves and present a brand through an event, a special evening.

Which is your relationship with a brand like Goti?
Stella Falautano: We have been working together for many years now and our working relationship has been transformed also in a beautiful friendship.

And with the world of perfume?
Stella Falautano: For me, the scent is like a dress, it emphasizes the personality of the wearer. The world of perfume is part of me and of -PNP. How could not love perfumes and their world?!

What can not miss in a successful evening of A Piedi Nudi nel Parco?
Stella Falautano: The energy, the good one, which embraces you with a pleasant feeling.

Stefano Guerrini ©modemonline

Picture courtesy of -PNP