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Business of Fashion: Nick Knight, Techno-Shaman

July 18 2016

LONDON, United Kingdom — There are many things you can call Nick Knight: optimist, artist, iconoclast. But the one label he would rather you no longer attached to him is the most obvious one, the one by which the world knows and reveres him. That is, of course: photographer. His mind is fixed so firmly on the future that old world classifications are meaningless to him. And yet, Knight’s forward-thinking radicalism is placed at the service of a very deep and traditional humanism. There isn’t a morsel of dystopia in his vision. He believes passionately in a better world for all, in the primal power of human connection, in the joy of creation. His website SHOWstudio is a temple to human creativity in the Internet Age and has earned Knight another label: high priest, or maybe techno-shaman, opening doors to different realities, transmogrifying perceptions in the most visceral way, and all the while, he himself is the tall, elegant apogee of the Savile Row gentleman.

Tim Blanks sits down with Nick Knight to talk creativity in a connected world.

Tim Blanks: Do you think photography is an ideal medium for making

Nick Knight: Well,...


Tim Blanks and Nick Knight | Photo: Benjamin McMahon for BoF