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FRANCE / Paris: Romanian Designers Fashion Show

September 22 2017

After Jean Paul Gaultier, another special event will take place this year in the magnificent Béhague Palace, residence of the Romanian Embassy since 1939. It is not for the first time that the location is chosen for fashion events, over the years, famous names like Dior and Prada presented their collections in the palace's garden.

The palace was built in 1866 for Octave de Béhague by the architect Hippolyte Destailleur as an extension of another palace. The palace was inherited by Octave's daughter, Martine, countess of Béarn. For this reason, the Béhague Palace is also known as the Béarn Palace. The building was restructured between 1894-1905 by Walter-André Destailleur, the son of Destailleur.

On 27 September at 5pm, the Romanian Embassy will host the first collective fashion show of the best 8 Romanian designers including MIAU by Clara Rotescu, Catalin Botezatu, Cristallini, Ludmila Corlateanu, Cristian Samfira, Elena Perseil, Carmen Ormenisan and Rhea Costa. The event is supported by the Romanian Government and the Romanian Design Federation.