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ITALY / FiloBlu presents its Business Intelligence platform for e-commerce

October 16 2017

On the occasion of “Visualize Your World”, Qlik national event, FiloBlu unveiled its Commerce Intelligence Platform, a business intelligence system that gathers data from a range of sources and presents all of the information in a single tool. Quick and accessible anywhere via the cloud, it offers a customizable level of analytical detail.

In today’s increasingly fluid market, all sorts of digital and analogue touchpoints bring consumers into contact with brands. Consequently, companies must place data at the heart of their operations and make data analysis a top priority. On the same dashboard, it is possible to keep check on turnover trends, the number of orders, the average amount spent and all of the main digital sales indicators and compare their trends over different periods of time. This enables users to develop flexible business policies that cater to the constantly changing needs of consumers and the market. The platform is produced in partnership with ITReview, distributors in Europe of the Qlik Business Intelligence software.

“FiloBlu has taken on the challenge of providing strategic support for brands to help them to select business and digital sales strategies,” stated Luca Lorenzato. “Having a single, comprehensive source of data allows users to react to changes in the market quickly and immediately.”