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October 17 2018

Portugal Fashion is more than a fashion event, it’s the core to promoting the country’s image as a hub of creativity, modernism and design talent. It is fair to say that Portugal Fashion has fostered a culture of fashion in the country and brought about a paradigm shift with regard to the national textiles and clothing industry through a concerted strategy of closeness between industry and designers. Since its creation in 1995, Portugal Fashion has been a presence in the calendars of the renowned Fashion Weeks of São Paulo, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul and Paris, asserting itself as a benchmark of Portuguese cosmopolitanism and aesthetic sophistication to the international community.

The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs and the Portuguese Association of Textile continues to support Portugal Fashion, as it becomes one of the most dynamic and prestigious projects in the Iberian scene. The project seeks to act as a lever for emerging talent in order to renew the national fashion scene, to facilitate the integration of new designers in the labor market and to fill any gaps that companies in the textile, clothing and footwear industry may have in terms of design. In that sense, in October 2010, it launched BLOOM Space, in order to encourage and support the work of young people graduating from schools of fashion and who showed potential.