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Masanori Morikawa's new adventure without Christian Dada

November 29 2019

Founded by Japanese designer, Masanori Morikawa in 2010, Christian Dada will suspend all activities. Masanori Morikawa announced this month that he is starting two other companies.
"I have no regrets." says Masanori Morikawa.

In 2014, 51% of Christian Dada was sold to Singaporean company, D'League, which manages brands and retailing such as Richard Mille. Masanori detained 49% of Christian Dada since. Five years later, D’League and Masanori are selling their share by january 2020 and are negotiating with a new investment company. So there’s a possibility that the brand continues without him: "It could come back by spring / summer 21". Meanwhile, the store in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, will close on December 22, 2019.

When asked why Masanori Morikawa wishes to cease working for Christian Dada he states that he wishes to create and work in a more sustainable and slow way. Since Christian Dada’s debut at Paris Fashion Week in 2014, he realized there were many ways of producing fashion. He had less influence on his brand then, having sold 51% to D-League, he was mainly in charge of designing the collections. Nonetheless, he was already seeking a new business model: "As the team grew, there was not enough time and attention for each article. Stocks were excessive like most brands. I don’t believe in the wholesale system no more (…) This system goes against sustainability. (…) I wish to leave the brand if I can create something that I can enjoy caring for each article I produce. (…) With my two new brands, I’m imagining a new business model, that respects today’s sustainable values and will last in the future."

To be continued…

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