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From Tokyo to the World: tokyoeye

March 30 2010

The promotion test period of tokyoeye is coming after one month of actions. The Japanese Ministry of economy, trade and industry METI initiated this ambitious program.

tokyoeye is a governmental project for the promotion and international development of several Japanese brands. Together with a showroom in Paris, the creators have the opportunity to show their collections directly to professional buyers, to the public and to the press. Several brands already successful in Japan have been chosen by the selection committee.

From February 15th to March 11th, tokyoeye has made two commercial campaigns towards the public on the one hand, at Colette , and towards the buyers on the other hand during the new Tranoï Showroom.

First of all settled with 12 brands at Colette from February 15th to 27 th in this year. This first step’s goal was to make a buzz towards the fashion planet, just before the Paris fashion week and to put the world network of buyers in alert. The brand represented: AULA AILA, ValenTine’s High, galaxxxy in Hi-Fi, SACHIO KAWASAKI, DRESSCAMP, Liz Lisa, PHENOMENON, DUCKDIGGER, amabro, M’s system, Malcolm Guerre, graniph.

A few days later, on March 4th, tokyoeye has brought and settled its now influential brands in the large room on the ground floor of the new Tranoï Showroom. The success of the opening party (400 persons) on March 4th has shown from the first night the interest of this exhibition « on a large screen » in this new place of the Tranoï galaxy.The brands: 20,000,000fragments, AULA AILA,ValenTine’s High, galaxxxy in Hi-Fi, SACHIO KAWASAKI, DRESSCAMP, Liz Lisa, amabro, M’s system, CRAM JAM CHEST, Malcom Guerre.

22 orders have been signed down with prestigious international stores such as Harvey Nichols (Dubai), Bloomingdales (Dubai) and Club 21 (Singapore) : AULA AILA, ValenTine’s High, Malcolm Guerre, CLAM JAM CHEST, amabro, Liz Lisa.

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