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Alain Lardet

May 18 2010

From june 9th to june 14th, Designer's Days celebrates ten years! A first birthday celebration for a association that over the years has been enriched with new proposals,new partners, workshops and conferences...Interview with Alain Lardet, Presindent and Founder.

Designer’s Days is an association of companies that created events in Paris for ten years.

Alain Lardet : In the 80s we created the Design Saturday, which took place on a weekend, but at the time the association addressed only to professionals. The international scene of design wasn’t important as it is now. Our association brought together, for the most part, companies that were equipping the service sector. Today Designer’s Days, which celebrate its ten years, obviously work with professionales but also to an audience of amateur and curious.

The association has changed in ten years

A.L. : We welcome from twenty-five to thirty members, but now our circle has expanded with collaboration with institutional and private partners sucha as schools (Ecole Bleue, Parsons School Camondo Ensci, IFM, Ensad, the Reims Esad), VIA, Les Arts Décoratifs, Les Ateliers de Paris, Place of Design, the Chamber of Commerce in Paris, Docks in Seine…This year we will propose more than 60 events.

How do you become a member of the association ?

A.L. : Companies wishing to become a member must stand for election, if the criteria of the company are retained, the candidates must share with others members their motivation.A majority vote of the entire membership determines their entry into the group.

Is there an annual share to pay ?

A.L. : There is a contribution we ask to our members to share common expenses, as a non profit association we don’t have any intention of malink profits. These contributions are used to improve our event. Our Designer’s Days became a six days events, a truly « Paris Design Week » : that’s why we ask our members to participate in the preparation of the events throughout the year.

Members are asked to create a scenography.

A.L. : The charter of our association requires each ember to provide a scenography (created by a designer) consistent with the annual theme of the event. With our media partner AD magazine, we present a readers award. For the first time this year, the prize will be moderated by a jury of professional who will award three scenographies.

To which the projects is running ?

A.L. : It's an event that brings together many energies and enthusiasm and that opens more and more outwards. On the one hand, thanks to the international composition of members but also by our initiatives. The association has become an exchanges platform with foreign events, like for example the Design in the City launched in Milan in 2009. This year we organized a study tour in Israel and created connections with structures and designers. Thanks to this tour, we will host Israeli designers during Designer’s Days 2011 and we also hope to organize an exhibition in Israel.

Is Designer’s Days becoming a real label ?

A.L. : The concept has gained a good reputation and could be exported and adapted to other cities in France by creating sinergies with regional initiatives and the industrial sector. We would like to bring in the cities certain exceptional scenography. We truly believe in design as an international language, our association includes French traditional companies that regenerate through design and many foreigns firms that have a showcase in Paris. Culture and economy are not antagonistic, it is trought actions and cultural activities such ours that we can ensure the best promotion for design.

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