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Alexandre Cammas

July 27 2010
Fashion Art

The 15th of October Le Grand Fooding Milano – prima edizione extra vergine will stage in Milano. We met Alexandre Cammas, founder of Le Fooding ®, to discover with him this movement that brings vivacity and freshness in the gastronomic world.

More and more in France and in New York we hear people talking about Fooding: what is it?

A.C The word Fooding borns by chance ten years ago when I was a foodwriter, to make a rhyme with feeling.
Fooding is the contraction between Food and Feeling, it begins as a small revolution in the world of french cuisine that ten years ago was more strict than ever, full of categorical rules that no one dared contradicting.

How did this small “gastronomic revolution” begin?

A.C In reality it’s not a proper revolution, ten years ago french cuisine was secularized, there were too many mental schemes that imposed to appreciate a restaurant only if it was multy-starred; on the contrary I believe that we can have a good meal even in a small bistrot, what matters are feelings, emotions given by that place and that meal.
We are human beings with a lot of senses, we don’t eat just with our mouth, and that’s the spirit that enliven our Fooding guide, in which we classify restaurants with criterions completly different from traditional guides.

What’s your main activity?

<sld(fooding)|right> A.C We are involved in several parallel activities: there is the restaurant’s guide, there’s a website (, and the organization of events in which the main character is good food, matched with any form of art that could hop up senses having fun and giving pleasant sensations. A mix of chefs, artists, designers and deejays that make our evenings unique and original.

Could you give us any name?

A.C For the milanese event we have gathered ten of the best italian and international chefs like Cracco, Scabin, Bottura, Redzepi, Chang; the designer Paolo Ulian; the author and tattoo maker Nicolai Lilin; the musicians {{Crookers and Nicola Guiducci.

This year, for the first time ever, Le Fooding lands in Italy: why did you choose Milano?

A.C After the great success we had in France and, since last year, in New York, Milano seemed the most obvious choice.
This city is the capital of fashion, design, good cuisine, we knew we would have found a public in sync with our spirit.

Most of the proceeds from your events are given to charity, how can you succeed in this noble purpose?

A.C It’s true, we like to party but we’re still conscious people, if we can carry on this commitment it is just thanks to the sponsors that support us. In Milano we are supported by: Veuve Clicquot, San Pellegrino, Kitchen Aid, Nespresso, Sanbittèr, Cniel (the French cheese), Longino e Cardenal, Easyjet, ending with Hotel Diana.

How many people do you expect at the october’s event?

A.C The number of tickets available is limited,1500 persons with just 25€ will be able to enjoy the best of Italian and international cuisine; from the first days of september it will be possible to buy tickets by online presale on

Do you think that this milanese experience will turn into an annual appointment?

A.C This is absolutely what we want to do! It would be great to come back to Milano and involve more and more “Fooding addicted”!

Any projects for the future?

A.C We are ambitious and dreamers… London, Barcelona ?