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Cédric Morisset

September 13 2010

Interiors 2010, the French Style 10 decorators expose at Arcurial ( Paris)

Artcurial and the magazine AD, on the occasion of its 10 anniversaire, have
Imagined an unpublished and original project dedicated to the decorators, with whom
house of sale and the magazine maintain privileged relations.
For this first edition, carte blanche is given to 10 contemporary creators to stage their vision of the style in 2010 in an exhibition of exception scénography in the magnificent haussmaniens building of Artcurial in the Hotel Marcel Dassault, situated in the traffic circle of the Champs-Elysées. This exhibition wishes to offer to the general public an opportunity rare to discover the talents and the know-how of a profession and all the corporate associations which accompany it, a world of artists and craftsmen who have few opportunities to express himself except their private construction sites.

We met Cédric Morisset, general coordinator of the exhibition.

What is the comment of the exhibition " Interieurs 2010 the French style "?

Cédric Morisset: " this exhibition organized within the framework of ten years of the magazine AD in France is above all a project in sync with the spirit of the magazine, which in the past raised in subtitle: the most beautiful inside. The demonstration tries to retie with the trade-show Salon des Artistes Décorateurs and with the tradition of French decoration from the thirties, then forty by Jean Royère. In these time, the high French decoration was already worldwide exported, in the United States or still in Iran, in the Lebanon in Egypt or Jean Royère, to quote only he, had opened agencies. The purpose of this exhibition is to give "carte blanche" to ten contemporary French decorators."

How get organized these ten "carte blanche"?

C.M. : " They are realization themes, ten rooms to be lived different, realized quite to measure, in situ. It is a colossal work of arrangement of the space, the construction... The constraint was to question ten createurs French at the precise moment in 2010 so that they give each their subjective vision and so that they so reveal each one of the multiple facets of the French decoration.
This exhibition allows to understand that can be the French style, which is very split up, with totally different approaches. "

Who are these ten decorators?

C.M. :" the selection associates of major figures of the decoration, confirmed creators and emergent talents. It is Marie Kalt, chief editor of the magazine AD, who signed this selection. So mix decorations imagined by François Catroux, François-Joseph Graf, Alberto Pinto, India Mahdavi, Olivia Putman, Chahan Minassian, Tristan Auer, Laurent Buttazzoni and Fréderic Lavaud, Pierre Yovanovitch and Joseph Dirand. "

What are universes signed by these big names of the decoration?

C.M. : "François Catroux invents a lounge everything in curve, architecture fuilde furnished with pieces of exception, such this Ron Arad's armchair which makes echo for Vladimir Kagan's sofa or for coffee tables in stainless steel of Megaron. Joseph Diran signs a presidential desk of white marble subtly veiné endowed with a tray 4 meters long. On the opposite, two armchair of Oscar Nemeyer. Buttazzoni and Partners propose a multifunction, playful and sexy play-boy flat. The space thought as a big room to be lived is tightened by woollen garment marinade in stripe tennis. Chahan Minassian delivers a cabinet of curiosity, fed by works of art and by unusual objects. Tristan Auer composes a studio dandy, two-colored who offers two different atmospheres. India Mahdavi creates a tropical garden in the accents of fifty which evokes Florida or Saint-Tropez... Pierre Yovanovitch invents a minimalist surrealist boudoir, everything cuts it and graphics. Olivia Putman revisits the bathroom as the intimate room and of reception...
Every universe is fed by precious materials, by unique(only) works of art. They are unusual and extraordinary inside... "

What will become this exhibition beyond September 22nd, 2010?

C.M.: It will be broken! As one stage set... But the operation is already an immense success, and will be probably seen out from next year onwards... "

<sld(interieur)|right>A real show of the decoration this time? What could be the economic model?

C.M.: " we can say nothing today but it is true that such a production would deserve a development at the height. Beyond the celebration of ten years of the magazine and the partnership with Artcurial, this operation mobilized the decorators, their teams, the builders, the manufacturer, the materials and the works stemming from private collections or from very big Parisian galleries... "

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Interieurs 2010, le style français- Exhibition from 8 to 22 september 2010.
Artcurial -Hôtel Marcel Dassault - 7 rond-point des Champs Elysées - Paris 8è
Everyday from 11am to 7pm
Accès : Mº Franklin Roosevelt, lignes Nº 1 et 9