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PORTUGAL / Lisboa: So Much Sea. Transatlantic flows through design

until Sunday July 15 2018
Fashion Design Art

MUDE at Palácio dos Condes da Calheta
Jardim-Museu Agrícola Tropical (Belém)
T : +351 218 171 892
Rua General João de Almeida, 15
1300-266 Lisboa

The exhibition aims to draw a map of the flows between Portugal and Brazil, focusing on the design and material culture of each country, in order to discuss the nature of those exchanges and understand how they mirror the identity and the history of each one.

The sharing of views and ideas between the two curators – Bárbara Coutinho, Portuguese, and Adélia Borges, Brazilian – produced a netting of transversal works and authors that live crossing and connecting the South Atlantic.

The objects, projects, furniture, packaging, graphic pieces and clothing on display refer both to the history, identity, politics, culture and collective memory of each country. Other pieces furthermore refer to the architectural culture or exist in a hybrid territory, between design and crafts.

Although putting in dialogue works from different periods of both histories, including that of the colonization of Brazil, the exhibition is centred in the twentieth and twentieth one century.

Among the several projects, is Joaquim Tenreiro’s proposal, who brought from Portugal his expertise in woodworking, and thus became the “father” of the modern Brazilian furniture.
In the opposite direction, we find the use of Óscar Niemeyer’s columns of the Palácio da Alvorada at the Colégio de Moimenta da Beira, considered subversive by Salazar’s dictatorship.

Also on display, there are recent initiatives of works developed together by professionals of both nationalities.