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UNITED STATES / New York: Fashion Unraveled

until Saturday November 17 2018

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
T : +1 (212) 217 4558
7th Avenue at 27th Street
10001 New York
United States

Fashion Unraveled will examine the concepts of imperfection and incompletion in fashion. Garments that are altered, unfinished, or deconstructed, in addition to clothing that shows signs of wear, will highlight the aberrant beauty in flawed objects. Unless such imperfections are intentional—as they are in the case of deconstructed fashion—these garments are often overlooked in museum collections. This exhibition will include a selection of objects from the museum’s permanent collection, highlighting objects that are not only visually compelling, but that may also tell intriguing stories about their makers and/or wearers.