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until Tuesday May 31 2011

from 10am till 7.30pm / Monday from 3 pm till 7:30 pm
Galleria Nilufar
via della Spiga, 30-32
20121 Milan

T : +39 02 78 01 93

NILUFAR presents:
- ATOMI. Show collecting new projects and unique specimens by: Bethan Laura Wood, Studio Makkink & Bey, Marco Ferreri, Barnaba Fornasetti, Martino Gamper, Giacomo Ravagli, Robert Stadler, Joseph Walsh.
Edited by Mariuccia Casadio.
- DIAGRAMMI. An installation by Andrea Branzi

11 April - Press opening April at 6pm.

Atomi surveys the dwelling subject matter, collecting home landscapes imaging, conceived and produced on purpose by eight amongst the most appreciated or promising architects and designers of today. Synthetizing personal beliefs about the habitat, all-embracing and totalising visions, the exhibition reveals itself as a succession and a mingling of imaginary places, new creations, highly characteristic and diversified style essences.

Research and memory, inventions, recollecting and reinventing, elegant aesthetic plots and destabilising sight illusions, reality and representation confront themselves and mingle in these present-day ambiences.
Between real and surreal, pathos and humours, past and future.