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until Sunday September 16 2012

Le Royal
39/41, Avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Contact Presse
Christophe Contentin
T : +33 (0)6 12 88 55 94

Exhibition of Table Football signed by Fabien Vershaere for Domeau et Perez and of composite material furnitures by Saintluc.

The exhibition of Fabien Vershaere focuses on {an iconic piece from Domeau et Perez, the leather-revisited Bonzini table football}. An object drawn from popular culture, combined with craftsmanship and artistic language. Another exhibition will show creations of Saintluc, French design furniture house made from composite structures of lin, fiber glass, carbon.

The world of composite materials has long been applied to research and development in the automotive and aerospace industries. Frederick Morand explores with Saintluc the production, use and possibilities of this material in the field of design.