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UPDATED : December 07 2017


D.GNAK is the menswear label of Korean designer Kang Dong Jun. Born in Seoul, Kang trained at NewYork’s Parson’s School of Design and launched D.GNAK in 2006 and a debut show was at 2008 F/W Seoul Fashion Week. The brand’s defining characteristic is tailored clothing with twisted details; clothing that is achromatic in color and innovative in silhouette.

The name D.GNAK is formed from the mirrored reflection of Kang’s name. It expresses his fascination with disruption, eclecticism and experimentation. In that vein, D.GNAK is a label that reveals and conceals at the same time, inviting engagement with the wearer while retaining a level of mystique.

Kang’s vision for D.GNAK is popular avant-garde - a brand that stands at the intersection of the underground and the mainstream; the inventiveness of directional fashion delivered to the wider men’s market without compromise in quality or cut.

Kang, Dong Jun


Company profile
D.GNAK,created by Kang Dong Jun, is inspired by the loose silhouette of traditionalKorean menswearand the heritage of craftsmanship in Western tailoring.
Thebackdrop to D.GNAK is the accelerated, interconnected globalised world. A worldin which information,images and goods all flow across borders with dazzling rapidity. Aworld where revolutionsare started on social media. A world where everything is in flux.
D.GNAKis a product of the mega city; the urban zones where distinctions of taste,custom, language,music and food all blur together to create new forms of dress, identity andaesthetics.
LikeKang himself, who is equally at home in the high streets and hiddenneighborhoods of Tokyo,London, New York and Seoul, D.GNAK is situated at the intersection of theunderground andthe mainstream. It is this innate connection with urban creativity that givesthe D.GNAK brand itsunique hybrid style defined by Kang as popularavant-garde.
D.GNAKis inspired by new innovations in design and digital art and by the accidental,everyday beautyof the city.TheD.GNAK aesthetic is about minimalist geometric forms in design; stripped backrepetition and glitch soundsin electronic music; faded neon; musiqueconcrete - the assemblage of natural, environmental and electronicsounds; the grit and grain of analogue photographic film.

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Donghee co., ltd
5F 191-1, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
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