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FRANCE / Paris: The taste of conversation.

June 10 2011

Designer's Days

A Gluttonous Installation by Anne Xiradakis and Frédérique Bastien.

The designer Anne Xiradakis and pastry chef Frédérique Bastien take over the Espace Modem and invite visitors on a journey of tastes and sensations.
Cendrine de Susbielle invited the two young women to create an innovative work that questions, transforms and opens up new possibilities to the notion of the dinner table and the gestures that surround it.

Part of the Designer’s Days Rive Droite programme, the show preview will take place on Friday 17th June at 7pm in Espace Modem. For this occasion, visitors are invited to a Gluttonous Installation brought to life by Anne Xiradakis and Frédérique Bastien.

On Saturday 18th June and Sunday 19th June, at 2.00pm, 4.00pm and 6.00pm, Espace Modem will host the Cafés Ephémères orchestrated by Frédérique Bastien and Anne Xiradakis.
To take part in these events, booking before the 13th June 2011 will be necessary. Bookings can be made via email Modem. The price for taking part is €5, to be paid on the door.

For more information, please consult Le goût de la conversation
or write to Modem.

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