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CHINA / Beijing: Buren protests against Ai Weiwei's arrest

June 22 2011


Along with Anish Kapoor, Daniel Buren too cancels an exhibition planned in China out of support for Ai Weiwei.

The French sculptor Daniel Buren was due to exibit at the UCCA (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art) starting on the 15th July. On Friday he announced his decision to cancel this exhibition out of "solidarity" with the artist, Ai Weiwei, detained by Chinese authorities since April.

More specifically, he's concerned with the validity of an exhibition in China, where artists are still censored: "When freedom of expression is denied in a country, what value is there for the artists' works which are authorised? That accuses our own work".

Anish Kapoor et Ai Weiwei

CHINE, l’artiste Ai Weiwei disparu


"Curated by Gu Wenda" Su Zhiguang at UCCA

Tatsuo Miyajima at UCCA

Eloïse Daniels ©