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GREAT BRITAIN / London: Anish Kapoor and Ai Weiwei

June 15 2011


Anish Kapoor protests againts Ai Weiwei's detention.

Since April, the Chinese goverment’s is holding Ai Weiwei while investigating the possibility that a company controlled by him evaded taxes. The artist, architect and social critic has been in custody in an undisclosed site. Anish Kapoor has already spoken out against the chinese artist’s detention and dedicated a recent public work in Paris to him : the Leviathan at Monumenta 2011.

In consequence The Britain-based sculptor Anish Kapoor has decided to cancel plans to show his work at the National Museum of China in Beijing, a protest against the Chinese goverment.

CHINE, l’artiste Ai Weiwei disparu

Anish Kapoor, Almost Nothing


Monumenta 2011

Eloïse Daniels ©