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JAPAN / Osaka: Tom Rebl opens a provocative concept shop

November 07 2012

The shop , made in collaboration with Milan Se77e design studio, is defined by a very peculiar and provocative concept. The interior design is inspired by men’s only places, like urinals. Antonio Vittorio Carena the interior design studio founder and designer, has mixed the polished and underground brand mood with a non conventional, peculiar yet smart environment.

In the middle of the shop stand out four concrete basins and black tiles from which radiate antique brass pipes, running through the shop and connecting to five different urinals or becoming clothes hangers. The floor and frontal wall are Venetian style covered with black and white tiles, suggesting a public convenience look.

Tom Rebl

TOM REBL Flagship Store
Herbis Plaza Ent 2-2-22 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka 530-0001 Japan