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UNITED STATES / Los Angeles: Thomas Wylde presents it’s first menswear collection

May 04 2017

Thomas Wylde, the Los Angeles -based luxury fashion house has a clearly distinctive DNA, strong business roots within the luxury womenswear market. Further, a vision of what the brand represents, and how it should evolve, they have never been afraid of breaking established codes.

Male consumers and global boutiques have requested a Thomas Wylde collection for men. For Spring Summer 2018, Thomas Wylde plans to create a collection dedicated to men. Capitalizing on the expertise of its existing womenswear brand the men’s collection is in the position to quickly become global leaders in the men’s business.

Thomas Wylde will bring two collections to the men’s market each year, creating pre-spring, main spring/summer, pre-fall, and main fall/winter. The men's collection is in the position to quickly become a global designer menswear brand targeting the cool, rock influenced fashion rebels.

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Thomas Wylde LLC
235 W 31st Street
90007 Los Angeles, États-Unis
T : +1 310 559 5549