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SWITZERLAND / Lausanne: Plot in Plastilin

until Sunday January 06 2019

T : +41 21 315 25 30
Pl. Cathedrale 6
CH - 1005 Lausanne

Plastilin, like no other material, stands for metamorphosis. The easily mouldable soft dough can be transformed quickly and playfully, and has long provided an unparalleled creative paradise for animated films, too. This inspiring and endlessly reshapable material is also found in contemporary works of art, whether in the form of installations, photographs or animated videos. And thanks to its technical advantages, pliable plasticine is used in product design as well as in graphic design modelling.

The exhibition Plot in Plastilin is dedicated to plasticine’s wealth of uses in animation and contemporary art and design. These include classic animated films by Jan Švankmajer and Bruce Bickford, which were some of the first to showcase the imaginative expressive force of modelling clay. In addition, the exhibition presents well-known productions such as “Wallace & Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep”, children’s series such as “Pingu” (a Swiss invention), and experimental films, short movies and advertisements, both old and new, alongside music videos and works of art, all of which demonstrate an ongoing engagement with the unique aesthetic expressiveness of this material.