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October 16 2017

UBM Fashion, connects the most influential fashion retail decision makers and the world’s top fashion brands, serving the global fashion industry through across-the-board marketplaces in New York (NY Men’s and NY Women’s), Las Vegas (MAGIC) and Japan (MAGIC Japan). The events cover all major fashion categories from men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, and footwear to manufacturing resources and service providers.

The global leader of fashion Tradeshows such as MAGIC, Coterie, PROJECT and FN PLATFORM started by UBM pIc, is taking an important step to reflect the demands of the growing retail landscape. To better serve the global community of brands and retailers, UBM Fashion has re-thought the New York fashion trade event calendar for 2018. In partnership with Accessories Council, UBM Fashion is making two key changes in the New York tradeshow lineup to create new and more efficient business opportunities for both brands and retailers, reflecting underlying trends in fashion and retail. UBM Fashion is creating a women’s New York fashion Tradeshow calendar that aligns with the development of New York Fashion and Market weeks. Due to the importance of the women’s Spring and Fall fashion weeks, UBM Fashion will introduce an additional June pre-collections show. Starting in June 2018, UBM Fashion’s new June market, Coterie, will provide an inspiring and productive central location for the fashion community to capitalize on this key market period.

Furthermore, UBM Fashion is combining the men’s and women’s contemporary apparel, accessories and footwear groups, creating the first dual-gender fashion Tradeshow in New York. Today, so many companies provide towards both men’s and women’s markets, creating one, unified market enables brands and retailers to connect, discover new resources and grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently. UBM Fashion’s dual-gender New York market will launch in July 2018, with PROJECT as its marquee show for both men’s and women’s lines.

“As the global leader in fashion tradeshows, UBM Fashion has been seeing firsthand the dramatic changes in the retail landscape. From the growth of e-commerce and fast fashion and changes in consumer buying patterns to the importance of delivering lifestyles and experiences – we at UBM Fashion realized there was an opportunity, in fact a duty, to make real changes for our industry.” Mike Alic, Managing Director, UBM Fashion

2018 New York Tradeshow Calendar beginning February FW’18:
- The January 2018 Men’s and Women’s market weeks will remain separate, women’s running January 7-9 and men’s January 21-23
- February 26 – 28: Womenswear Show: Coterie, Fame, Moda, Sole Commerce, Children’s Club
- June 10 – 12: Pre-collections: Coterie, Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow, POOLTRADESHOW
- July 22 – 24: Dual-Gender: Project Womens, Fame, Moda, AccessoriesTheShow, Project, MRket, Children’s Club
- September 15 – 17: Womenswear Show: Coterie, Fame, Moda, POOLTRADESHOW, Sole Commerce, Sourcing@Coterie
Location: UBM Fashion’s New York - The Jacob Javits Center.
Las Vegas (MAGIC) starts in February and August, including major shows in all categories.
Please visit for the latest news and information about UBM’s marketplaces and shows in Las Vegas, New York and Japan.

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Photo by Ilse Moore for Joel Janse Van Vurren Spring/Summer 2012 Collection - Model and creative director Elsa Bleda -Look Book : The Spirit of Galatea