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until Saturday September 14 2019

11 rue Payenne
75003 Paris

Gunilla Noren

Swedish design arrives in Paris with two exhibitions. Hem x 6 will be the opportunity to discover the six residential apartments at the Swedish Institute for developments and interpretations of Swedish interiors by six designers in partnership with committed brands.

-Carl Malmsten AB - Anna Kraitz
- Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter - Ulf Agnér
- Beckmans College of Design Stockholm - Paris College of Art
- Svenskt Tenn – d’après la philosophie d’Estrid Ericsson et Josef Frank
- Gärsnäs - Färg & Blanche
- Dux - Septembre Architecture & Urbanisme

In parallel, Designprocessor invites visitors to plunge into the creative process and understand how an object is constructed step by step from the first vision to the ultimate realization. The exhibit uses the example of the National Museum restaurant's creation by a collective of 30 designers who created over 80 objects. Films, sketches, objects currently in work and photos show how the designers collaborated to make the NM& collection.