Annapurna S.p.A.
via A. Fleming, 26/a
59100 Prato, Italy
P : +39 0574 58 38 21
F : +39 0574 58 06 47
Men’s/Women’s RTW, Women’s RTW
Men’s Accessories : Scarves, Gloves, Caps
Women’s Accessories : Scarves, Gloves, Caps
UPDATED : July 20 2017


Alessandro Onori was born in 1983 in Rome, place which strongly influences him for its strength , passion and love for beauty.In early 2003 Alessandro, just after the designer degree, always pursuing its taste for distinctiveness, dedicated himself to the production of tailor-made garments for exclusive high society customers.Culture, art and literature, which fascinated him since his young age, brought him to the Bachelor in Letters and Philosophy in 2006.From 2007 to 2012 the designer enters the Dolce e Gabbana’s world, working in the creative team of D&G. He starts out as pattern maker, but soon his instinct drives him to the management of research.Research of new materials, finishing and shapes, this is the path which leads Alessandro to become senior Designer mainly for Fashion Show Womenswear pieces.Between 2012 and 2013 he hold the role of Mila Schon Creative Director, attracting with his creations the attention of Lady Gaga, who wore some Alessandro’s pieces in “ Applause “ video clip. Finally on 2013 the Designer accesses Annapurna and Aida Barni Research and Development department as Creative Director for Menswear and Womenswear. Immediately the bound seems to be ideal for creativity and ease. The mutual environment is the one of love for research and experimental approach, both for product and for life, an empathy including the vision of the world in virtual inspirational journeys. In this harmony precious yarns, unique manufacturing and always new techniques find their own exaltation.Alessandro proposes coats, sweaters, shirts, trousers, bags and shoes… everything made rigorously in knit. A knit that is sentimental twine, ultimate material for a diagonal total look , elegant yet truly genuine. Weaving the threads of Annapurna knitwear, Alessandro intertwines sport with painting, Indian ocean with tea leaves, fathers’ wardrobe with daughters’ one.On the top of everything he weaves all the features of his professional life, of Annapurna know how and of Italian flair to gift every season uniqueness both to the garment and to who wears it.

Alessandro Onori


Company profile
The history of the finest italian knitwear in cachemire is named Annapurna s.p.a in Prato. The Company, whose name recalls Himalaya mountains, one of the best cashmere goat habitat, was founded in 1978 and since that time it benefit of a melting pot of experiences, knowledge and research. Aida Barni's closest partner is one of the most distinguished experts in cachemire yarn field on worldwide scale: her husband Pier Luigi Galli.
Annapurna not only constantly produces highest quality garments with amazing colour shades and unique design, but also love to communicate its passion. Annapurna collection is a balanced mix of softness of materials, careful craftsmanship and distinctive design, able to fulfill the highest demand of the Fashion worldwide market .
Annapurna S.p.A.
via A. Fleming, 26/a
59100 Prato, Italy
P : +39 0574 58 38 21

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