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UPDATED : July 26 2019
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Brand Head Designer
He started to work in the family factory proposing, since his beginning, a clear cool-hunting vision and he won several awards.
Important brands requires him as a fashion consultant for his great capacity in finding the trends and in developing them in the clothes, but he always preferred to work exclusively for his family business.
In 2004, after many years as a product and style coordinator, he created the Brian Dales brand together with his brother Christian.
The accurate attention to details and the continuous search for the best Made in Italy quality characterize Stefano’s work in all his creations.

Stefano Calmonte


Company profile
It was 1955.
It all started in Italy during 2nd World War reconstruction thanks to a brilliant intuition by Giovanni Calmonte, Christian and Stefano’s grandfather.
He understood that the fabric market could be greatly developed to make the most of the emerging Made in Italy.
Therefore, he started marketing exclusive Italian fabrics in a small room.
His entrepreneurial skills were soon rewarded and step by step he built up a top business that quickly became one of the most important in Northern Italy.Danilo Calmonte, smart son of the founder and Stefano and Christian’s father, will then understand at the end of the ’60s that the real new business opportunity was the clothes production. He built an extremely modern factory, located in the centre of Bassano del Grappa, which is still the headquarter.
It was a success. More than 900 employees worked in the factory, one of the most important in Europe.

2004 was the year of the great change. Christian started to work in the company and with his strategic management skills, he supported his brother Stefano in the implementation of a new entrepreneurial adventure.
Brian Dales was born.
The new brand, with its creative meaning, moves towards the international markets.
Men styling is made of a defined slim-fitting, great care for details and neatness.
A new refined and sophisticated male vanity.
In the women collection the inspiration is a seductive woman playing with her updating allure.
The common point between the past and the present is the strong link with the made in Italy production, a must for the founders as for Stefano and Christian.
Nowadays the great chance and the big opportunity is the cooperation with all worldwide markets.

The brand philosophy is characterized by a clear concept. Every collection is developed following three distinguished and separate lines that can be perfectly mixed and matched.
Brian Dales always mantains its elegance in a cocktail dress and in a dandy outfit, as well as in an easywear cloth.The slim-fit is certainly the trait d’union.
The customer wearing Brian Dales likes proposing him/herself with a precious and dainty look.
Always and Forever.

The know-how heart is doubtlessly the fabric experimentation.The fabric choice takes care of the tactile hand perception and of the spun yarn’s brightness and quality.The highest standard quality of this choice is testified by the best Italian suppliers.It’s a continuous search for the newest composition and high-tech texture.A Japanese mood characterizes the men’s creativity.The great passion of Stefano, Brian Dales Head Designer, is to follow personally all the manufacturing process using the best partners in the different product typologies.Special attention is focused on the production chain for guaranteeing the highest quality.A distincitve Made in Italy signature.

Mercanti Veneti Srl
via Colomba 3
Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy
P : +39 0424 22 03 00

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He is an International Finance Expert. After his graduation in Business and Economics he got a Corporate Restructuring MBA.
Relying on his skills, he asked his father Danilo to be a strategic part in the family factory growing.
He was 29 years old when he started to be in the Company Top Management. The challenge was to lead his family historic business through change into a new societal and economic structure.
His management skills and performance enabled the company to implement a leaner, simplified and efficient structure.
His role is perfectly harmonized with the role of his brother Stefano, in an unique and extraordinay symbiosis.
Christian is responsible for the managerial and financial sector, Stefano for the creative one.
The trust of father Danilo was perfectly placed in his sons, two brothers with strong and distinguished characters, but absolutely complementary in a successful business synergy

Christian Mario Calmonte


Showroom Brian Dales
Via Amatore Sciesa 24/A
20135 Milan, Italy

Sales Department
Sales Director

Francesco Bevilacqua
P : +39 388 0070072

Showroom Brian Dales
Via Amatore Sciesa 24/A
20135 Milan, Italy

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Barbara Agostini
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Torchio Luca
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Piemonte, Liguria, Valle D'aosta
Luca Torchio
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Colamarino Gianluca
via Sciesa 24/a
20135 Milan, Italy
Triveneto, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna
Gianluca Colamarino
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Belgio, Olanda
Marina Botier
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Good News Agency
Frankfurter Ring 247
80807 Munich, Germany
Gunter Passek
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LookBooks Showroom
Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques 1252 - 1 andar- escritorio C
4450-012 Matosinhos, Portugal
Luis Florencio
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