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Collectif d'Anvers

Collectif d'Anvers / Natalie Van Lijsebettens bvba
Fourmentstraat 35
2018 Antwerpen, BelgiumP : +32 (0)477 800 589
Men’s/Women’s RTW, Men’s RTW
Men’s/Women’s Accessories : Shoes, Bags, Others
Men’s Accessories : Shoes, Bags, Others
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September 25 2019
Natalie Van Lijsebettens' vision for the ‘La Forêt’ collection unfolded when she zoomed in on Julian Schnabel'swork.
To her eye, savage landscapes came to life in the broken crockery Schnabel had used in his paintings.

Sharing this inspiration with the Belgian painter Ilse Vanderbeken led to the realization of canvases reflecting a mysterious and brooding atmosphere that seeps through in every vein of the collection.

Natalie transfigured the mystique of Ilse's paintings to the Collectif d' Anvers footwear through cutting out parts of the paintings, masterfully fusing the brushstrokes with the leather and shape of the footwear, creating a unique appeal for each individual piece.

Discover Collectif d'Anvers latest #SS2020 preview during #ParisFashionWeek from 26-30.09.2019 at our Paris Showroom: 5, Rue Sainte Anastase⁣, Marais.
Designer Natalie Van Lijsebettens
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