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Cru Le
Loc brocco, snc_58043, Castiglione della Pescaia
58043 Grosseto, ItalyP : +39 338 60 69 666
Women’s RTW, Women’s Beachwear
Last Updated
July 20 2022
CRU LE is a sustainable and innovative fashion brand that arises from the love for a garment and the will to in still the same feeling towards its wearer. Quality and Made in Italy are core values for the brand, which takes root in a circular business model, joining together a versatile design and sustainable, recycled raw materials.According to the founder Letizia Cruciani, who constantly draws inspiration from a life in close contact with nature and from worldwide travels, «CRU LE is a form of environmental activism».
Each creation matches that full-blooded, sincere and strong side of Maremma’s rural life. An unrefined andrough world, where to wear comfortable and durable garments to make the most out of. Where there is no room for waste. Beautiful, useful and necessary: these are the three key points of each CRU LE creation, strictly inserted in capsule collections. The love for minimalism, for the essential and for the functional gives life to a smallnumber of garments, designed to be easily combined with each other throughout the year. A collection that knows no expiry date, not only for its style, but also for being available on an ongoing basis. Everything aims to maximize the wardrobe and its management time. The hard but sensual lines of CRU LE mark an unconventional woman; at the helm of her own ship, busy tracing her own route.It emerges a femininity never taken for granted, which sees in fashion timeless art to wear every day.

CRU LE was launched in January 2020 in Milan as one of the 10 finalists of the Wsm-Smart Contest, a contest for innovative fashion startups. Thanks to this award, CRU LE presented it’s first collection at theWhite Show. After participating in Circularity Ideathon, a project with FTA and Salvatore Ferragamo, CRU LE was selected for the Altaroma Showcase in September. The CRU LE collection was then presented in Paris and took part in the Maker Fair Rome as a selected brand. In January 2021, CRU LE collaborated with Econyl® in launching its beachwear line, CRU LE B, and opened its first store. In February 2022 CRU LE was selected for the Altaroma runway show.
Designer Letizia Cruciani
Ceo, Designer Letizia Cruciani
Cru Le Be
Ante Litteram Collection
corso della Libertà 40
58043 Grosseto, Italy  

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