Fiorentini + Baker

Piazza Aldrovandi 1/a
40125 Bologne, Italy
P : +39 051 273222
Women’s RTW, Men’s RTW, M’s Acc., W’s Acc.
UPDATED : July 26 2019


In 2001 Deborah Baker created its very first collection Deborah Baker, Designer and Founder of Fiorentini + Baker developed an interest in shoes from a very early age after spending some of her childhood playing in her miniature god mother's col our ful shoe cup board. She later attended Cordwainers College alongside Emma Hope, who is still a dear friend to this day, and Patrick Cox.

After graduating she decided to hone her skills and head for italy, where the culture and lifestyle formed the basis of her inspiration. After many years of free lancing she finally succumbed to much pressure from family and friend sand set up her own line.

In 2001 Fiorentini + Baker launch edits very first collection, to instant success. despite the growing popularity and global success of the Brand, Deborah has stayed true to her initial philosophy - make shoes and have fun and that's exactly what she does.

Deborah Baker


Company profile
The brand was founded in 2001 by english born Designer Deborah Baker.

The philosophy behind every collection cannot be attributed to a particular theme or event and certainly does not conform to any trend. It evolves from a subconscious process, sparked by an old piece of furniture, a film or a peculiar piece of architecture.the results are simple, yet quite beautiful.
The small, family run factories, where the shoes are produced, are a world away from the glossy magazines and glamorous worldwide boutiques where they inevitably end up.but perhaps it is this detachment from the fashion scene that gives the shoes their undeniable edge.

An equally important strand of the FIORENTINI+BAKER philosophy is the use of quality materials.on-off piece of vintage fabrics, soft, supple leather and velvet smooth suede adorn the shoes and boots.
It’s these characteristics, combined with an uncompromising attention to detail that has become the signature of every FIORENTINI+BAKER collection.

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Fiorentini + Baker
Fiorentini + Baker Piazza Aldrovandi 1/a 40125 Bologne Italy P : +39 051273222
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