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Jacques Le Corre

Destination 27 sarl
191 rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris, FranceP : +33 (0)1 42 60 39 27

Men’s/Women’s Accessories : Bags, Scarves, Caps
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February 06 2019
In 1988 Jacques Le Corre used a braid of viscose to treat it with a special straw technique and created the „chapeau clochard de luxe“ (tramp hat). This symbolic style is unique in form, material and colour. The soupless and malleability of this hat which one can twist and adjust challenges the notion of congestion because it can be skiped into a bag without being damaged.

This characteristic transforms the „tramp hat“ into an object „fetisch“ which illustrates perfectly Mallarmé’s proposals over hats: „Who puts on anything similar cannot remove it anymore. The world can come to an end, but never this hat. Probably this hat had always existed, in an invisible state.“

This novelty led to an international development and to an important media coverage in the press. Editorial series of photographers such as Mondino, Nick Knight, David Seidner, Jeanloup Sieff, Karl Lagerfeld, Arthur Elgort and Paolo Roversi contributed to highlight the creative work of Jacques Le Corre.

In the late 1990’s he felt the need to widen the sphere of his activity in the domains of tanning and shoes. Without abandoning his hat creations he started his first collection of bags and shoes in 1999.

The shoe collection is characterized by the creation of exclusive heels like the „hollow heel“ or the „square heel“. Jacques Le Corre will be one of the first to make shoes of fish skin.

In October 2001 he opened his own boutique at 193, rue Saint Honoré.

But who is the person Jacques Le Corre behind his products?

His creations are a real revelation, however a reduced revelation for the imaginary space which requires a vaster and more absolute dimension. Through the universe of communication he expresses this supplement of soul.
Designer Jacques Le Corre
General Manager Takanao Muramatsu
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Destination 27 sarl
191, rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris, France
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Jacques Le Corre
Paris, France
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Jacques Le Corre
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75001 Paris, France
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